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May I use your bathroom?


We went to Eden center with my friend and her kids. After lunch, we went to buy some fried tofu. Ehlaina and Kylie said they needed to go to restroom very badly, so I offered to take them. Safrina said she needed to go too, so she went with us. The person in the store told us there was a restroom in the next door, but heck I didn't see any sign of restroom anywhere. Very desperately, I took the girls into the restaurant next door. You know how people think about you walking into their restaurant for just using their restroom. I walked up to the Asian guy in the middle of the restaurant and explained that my children had emergency and needed to use their restroom, I also said that if he couldn't let us, I would understand, but please tell me where I could find a public restroom for the girls... They guy was NOT happy at all, from his face, you can see gravity, everything, the eye lid, the lips, pointing down. Crap, my heart sank! At that point, Safrina walked up to him, looked up at him and asked "May I use your small bathroom, please?" Oh, Gosh, instantly, gravity disappeared on his face, he gave Safrina a big big smile and said "I don't have a small bathroom, only a big one. Of course, you can use it." After we finished, on the way out, I told the girls to say "thank you" to them. The two older ones didn't say it loudly but Safrina said "Thank you!" very loudly to a woman walking up to her, that woman said Thank you back and she also screamed "Oh, my gosh, you are sooooo cute..." She looked Safrina all the way until she was out of the door... From now on, I got myself a public relationship manager.