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funny Safrina 2


Randy likes to threaten to spank the girls when they are not being good. Safrina was playing at dinner table and Randy told her if she didn't start to eat right away, he was going to beat her. Safrina told Daddy "Please don't beat me!" Randy asked her why couldn't he? Safrina replied "Because it hurts!"

I helped Safrina go potty and while I was wiping her, I bumped her head on the bathtub and she murmured "Ouch!" Then she told me "If you bump yourself, just say Ouch and it won't hurt anymore." Later on, Diana ran into Safrina and Safrina got bloody nose. She was too busy crying to forget to say Ouch this time. I cleaned her nose and did cold compress to stop the blood. Just a little while, she smiled and said Ouch.