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bibbidi bobbidi boo


Diana pointed a magic wand at Safrina in the middle of the stairs, saying "bibbidi bobbidi boo..." something sounds like "turning Safrina into a toad" Safrina was yelling "no~~~~" As I told them many times that they shouldn't play on the stairs, which was very dangerous. I took the wand away and sent Diana to time out. After few minutes, I called her back and asked her why she disobeyed me and played ont he stairs again. Also I asked her why she wanted to turn her sister into a toad. Diana asked me what was a toad? I asked her wasn't that she wanted to turn Safrina into?! Diana said that she was trying to turn Safrina into a boy, but then Safrina was not happy and yelled at her, so she was about to turn her back into a girl. But I took the magic wand away, now Safrina was stuck to be a boy... I'm telling you, it was magic if I could keep my face straight at that point and apparently I did not.