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funny Safrina


I signed up Safrina for swim lesson in our pool. The last day of the class, as usual, all the kids could jump off the diving board once and then get a doughnut. For her age group kids, 2 instructors worked together, one lowered the kid on the board and the other caught the kid in the water and swim him back to the side. But still, it was exciting. While she was eating her doughnut, I asked her "are you excited that you jumped off the diving board?" I was expecting she to be as excited as I was, unfortunately, she opened her mouth like this "I didn't jump off the diving board, the teacher put me down and the girl with the pony tail caught me. That's all."

On the way out of the pool, Safrina saw a man walking a hugh german shepherd dog. She greeted the dog very politely "Hi!!!" Of course, the dog just stood there, doing nothing. She came to me to complain that the dog didn't say hi back to her.

Family outing, Safrina was tired, so I was carrying her in my arms so she could rest on my shoulder. Diana was about to run and Randy stopped her, saying "no, Diana, don't run, the ground is wet and slippery." All of a sudden, Safrina raised her head from my shoulder and yelled at Diana "Or, you may fall!"

We went out to a restaurant with Kutay's family. Safrina met Kutay in the gym class and the mothers clicked. During the meal, Kutay's father asked Safrina if Kutay was her friend. Safrina answered very loudly "No! He is my boy-friend!"