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Mini Dolphine


We became the member of the pool the summer of the year that Diana was born. She was playing in the water even before she could sit up by herself. Therefore, she has no fear of water at all. Our pool has a rule for "patch test", which consists three parts: swimming whole length of the pool without any assistant; treading water for 1 minute; floating on the back for 30 seconds. Passing the patch test means the child can go any section of the water alone. This privilege makes "patch test" a milestone for the kids. Ehlaina passed her test 2 years ago and this year we decided to put her in the swim team which practices every morning from 9 to 10 during the summer. We registered Diana as well. The fee for the whole summer practice is only $60 and who would say no especially the team is open to anyone who is willing to try. However, passing the patch test is the first qualification. Once the pool opened at Memorial weekend, we set up our goal for Diana is "passing the patch test by June 13th". We told Diana all the fun she could enjoy once she passed the test, at the same time we encourage her, we also told her it WAS ok even if she didn't pass the test...

There is another swim team AnNam that Ehlaina is in for couple of years. They start to train the kids age of 5. I put Diana in the wait list long time ago and finally, she got in for this summer. With that comfort in my mind, I didn't work very hard with Diana. I didn't want to give her too much pressure and start to dislike swimming. I want to make sure she is having fun practicing. Randy can only go to the pool with the kids at the weekend. During the week, the schedule is too tight. He let me decide what's the best for the kids, but he is stubborn and would "encourage severely" or say "force" Diana to practice.

This afternoon, we went to the pool again. I stayed at the wading pool with Safrina, Randy went off with the other two. After a while, he came back to tell me that he wanted Diana to try the patch test during the break time. I seriously thought he was out of his mind. He told me to watch Diana swim. I watched her in distance: her stroke was not perfect but she was not sinking. I still lacked confidence and was not sure I should push or stop him. Diana wasn't sure either when Randy asked her if she wanted to try the test, she reluctantly said "not really". Then Randy told her that if she would try very hard, no matter if she passed the test or not, he would give her ring pop for reward. Diana answered "OK"without a second thought.

There were 4 kids taking the test together today. Diana was not the fastest one, but she didn't give up and she swam the whole length of the pool all by herself! While she jumped into the very deep section to tread water. I confirmed with the lifeguard that IF Diana had problem, she would jump in and save her. I knew this was a silly question, but I had to make sure my daughter is safe. Diana passed this part very easily! The last part was actually very easy... To make long story short, Diana passed the patch test for the first try!!! Diana now officially is a mini dolphin. Thumbs up, Diana!