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Rambling about love and marriage


It's very common in China when people want to set 2 people up and they will ask about a lot of expectations for the other half. Surprisingly, a lot of people do have a lot of specific expectations: education, income, appearance, family... Unfortunately not many people really find their perfect match. But for some people who don't have very specific expectations and they just deal with the person and look for the comfort level, things are usually easier. It's very hard to say which way is better in this complicated world. There is a saying in Chinese, sth like "money is not everything, but without money, you can do nothing" Therefore, people always put money in a very high priority and misunderstand that the more money you have, the happier you will be. Which in some cases, it's true, especially if you are lucky enough to find a combination of a rich, kind-hearted and fun guy. Even in that case, a woman will have to always ask herself a questions why would this guy wants to marry me but not other women? What do I have that other women don't?

I have a happy marriage and happy family, which doesn't make me an expert of marriage. I'm just a going-to-be-40-year-old woman who had some experience and knowledge for love and marriage, just a little, not much. I always believe whichever kind of life we choose, feeling comfortable is very important. Be yourself and wait for Mr. Right to love you as you, not only the fake you with heavy make-up, fancy clothing, expensive accessories... ect. Marriage is very realistic, it's daily life, it takes 2 people to work through. If the appearance is So important to him and it's the only thing he falls in love with you, this marriage is dangerous. Remember, nobody would stay young forever. Don't wait for the years to put winkles in your face and muffin top on your body, and to make you too busy dealing with house and kids to have time to take care of yourself, and then, the husband would think, Hey, it's about time look for your replacement. Marrying a wrong person is a lot worse than staying single. So! Find your Mr. Right at the beginning, even though it takes your whole life time to wait for him to show up. Always remember: True love is always worth waiting for...