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blue cheese to grilled cheese


We went to buffalo wing restaurant for dinner tonight. When the wings were brought to the table, Ehlaina was looking for her blue cheese dressing, but all we got was ranch. Diana volunteered to get some for sister. Randy nodded as agreement and watched her all the way to kitchen, find the waiter and talk to him. After a while, Diana hopped back with a grin on her face. Randy asked her where the blue cheese was, she said the waiter said he would bring to the table. We couldn't figure why he didn't just give her 1 or 2 containers of blue cheese to bring back. We asked her again, she assured us again that the waiter would bring it over, WITH the apple sauce. We were completely lost why apple sauce would come with blue cheese?! She said she ordered grilled cheese and the waiter asked her if she wanted apple sauce to go with it and she said yes. Before Randy burst into laughter, I got up and ran to the kitchen and told the waiter not to make grilled cheese for us. I apologized and explained a little misinterpret between blue cheese and grilled cheese. He told the chef to stop making grilled cheese. Fortunately, he was not upset but telling me that Diana was very cute. Sure she is! Diana does have the characteristic of having selective memory and hearing, now plus understanding. LOL