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Finally, I don't have to carry a diaper bag any more. I'm in need of a nice purse, fashion and roomy that can hold enough necessity for outing with 3 kids. I looked up online and found one in Kohl's website. Original price $69, on sale $31.05. I decided to go to the store and see in person. On the way, I remembered seeing coupon from their store and I called Randy to confirm it was 30% off one, but it wouldn't start to be valid until next Wednesday. I decided to just go and look. I found the purse and it looked very nice, pretty much the exact kind that I was looking for. Unfortunately, there were only 2 left and an Indian woman saw it and she took one. I went to the customer service and asked them what I could do to keep this purse and use the 30% off coupon. I was told I could purchase the purse today and come back to adjust the price later. So I agreed to do. She rang the purse and told me the price was $41.40. I was confused and questioned her that I remembered seeing the price was $30 something. To my surprise, she charged me $30 exact, plus tax, total $31.50. On the way back, I went to the price check machine and the price showed to be $41.40. I went back to the booth to check again, $31.05. I felt like I have stolen from the store, especially I betrayed the trust. I found a staff to talk about it. She followed me to the booth and realized that the price $31.05 was for early bird special which ended at 1pm. It apparently was their mistake not to take it off. I asked her if I should pay the extra money, she told me "no". I asked her "are you sure? am I stealing from the store?" She told me "don't worry, just take it." I left the store with the purse and I was not sure if I would ever go back to do the price adjustment. But one thing I was quite sure that I would go back to Kohl's again and again. Not only because of their high quality merchandise, but because of their excellent service.