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crab feast


I like sea food and my favorite sea food is blue crab. I only see them in the Asian grocery store. I still remember the first time I saw them in Korean grocery store many years ago, I was so excited. I bought 4 crabs home and Randy asked me to let him play with them in the bathtub before I cooked them. We had a cat named Tiger at that time, both Randy and Tiger were watching the crabs crawling in the bathtub, fascinated. Right, I also have the pictures and I shall see if I can link them here. I have a Chinese friend, Winnie. She also loves crab and almost every time we went to her house for BBQ party, she would have crabs waiting for me. I still remember one time she wanted us to stay for dinner. She stood in the middle of the room, hands on hips, declaring "I have crabs!" Randy cracked up right on the spot. We've been talking about a BBQ party in her house for a while, and finally we decided to do it on Easter Sunday. I offered to bring crabs since there is a Chinese grocery store near my house. I got up early this morning and went to buy 20 crabs. All of them female! I don't know why there is hardly any male crabs! YES! you can tell whether the crab is male or female by looking at its tummy. If the triangle is pointed, it's male, otherwise round means female. My friend in New Zealand told me once he saw blue crabs in Kiwi grocery store, he asked for 10 female crabs and the Kiwi looked at him, saying "You are kidding, right!?" Anyway today's party started with egg hunt for the kids, followed by a feast. Nai was grilling in their back yard the entire morning: shrimp, port chop, chicken, steak, salmon, veggie... But the crabs were all I wanted today and I ate 8 crabs all by myself. I'm afraid I'll walk side way tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of crabs for several months. Winne ate 5 crabs and she said it was more fun eating crabs with your friend and we decided to do this crab feast at least once a year!!