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Future photographer to be


We've had the DSLR camera for over a year. Unfortunately it was only used with its auto mode. Both of us were expecting the other to learn how to shoot pictures with AV or M mode. Last month I went for a DSLR workshop class for 3 hours and have been shooting with my new techniques and I loved it so much. I have quite a few questions that I can't figure out myself, so I went for another 3 hours class with my friend, Theo this afternoon, leaving Randy home with 3 girls. Fortunately I came home, nobody was missing any body parts! Anyway, the second part of the class is more technical than I really need. I can't wait to shoot my kids, well, with the camera of course. My problem was always trying to get the exact exposure which took too long for shooting kids. Most of the time when I got it, there was nobody in there. I think to be a photographer, there are several sets of numbers that he/she should memorize in head and don't have to get the exact exposure every time. Close enough is good enough. I have been neglecting our family gallery for too long and I'm looking forward to some change for it. Like what my friends always say to me that it was a waste not to shoot my 3 pixies, especially good pictures for better memories in the future. Ready or not, here I come!!!