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My wife


This weekend is Easter. Randy got out of office earlier than usual. While he was snuggling with me on the couch, Safrina was very mad that her possession was taken by someone other than herself. She was screaming while she came up to fight over me. Randy was picking on her by saying "my wife" while he was hugging me. Safrina was screaming back "No, that's MY wife" and tried hard to push Randy away. Diana saw all these and she wanted to be part of it, so she came up and join the fight by hugging me around my neck and saying "that's my wife". Later, Ehlaina came over for her wife... It was a chaos but tons of fun. Finally the battle was over and the final winner was Safrina. Yeah for the littlest but the most ferocious fighter!!! To be honest, being the center of attention was awesome and what's more, this was a normal scene in our daily life. Thanks for my family to make me, a common housewife to feel special all the time!