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May I use your bathroom?


We went to Eden center with my friend and her kids. After lunch, we went to buy some fried tofu. Ehlaina and Kylie said they needed to go to restroom very badly, so I offered to take them. Safrina said she needed to go too, so she went with us.

funny Safrina 2


Randy likes to threaten to spank the girls when they are not being good. Safrina was playing at dinner table and Randy told her if she didn't start to eat right away, he was going to beat her. Safrina told Daddy "Please don't beat me!" Randy asked her why couldn't he?

bibbidi bobbidi boo


Diana pointed a magic wand at Safrina in the middle of the stairs, saying "bibbidi bobbidi boo..." something sounds like "turning Safrina into a toad" Safrina was yelling "no~~~~" As I told them many times that they shouldn't play on the stairs, which was very dangerous.

funny Safrina


I signed up Safrina for swim lesson in our pool. The last day of the class, as usual, all the kids could jump off the diving board once and then get a doughnut.



两个星期前朋友的先生去亚洲出差,心脏病突发猝死,留下她和一个7岁多的儿子。这两个星期以来,身边的朋友尽自己的能力帮助她度过这个难关。他们的儿子和我大女儿同岁,两个小朋友从一岁半的时候开始在一起玩,到现在将近6年的时间。刚开始的那几天还没有放假,我天天下午去大女儿的学校把她提前接出来,带着三个丫头和吃的东西去朋友家。大人忙着陪家人背着孩子们流眼泪,做家务,整理照片用照片制作海报记录去世的亲人,买来相框安装…… 小朋友们则忙着东跑西奔的乐,嘻嘻哈哈的闹,问一些傻傻的关于生死的问题…… 这其实也是我们刻意安排的,这么沉重的心理包袱没有必要让孩子来承担。

Mini Dolphine


We became the member of the pool the summer of the year that Diana was born. She was playing in the water even before she could sit up by herself. Therefore, she has no fear of water at all.

Rambling about love and marriage


It's very common in China when people want to set 2 people up and they will ask about a lot of expectations for the other half. Surprisingly, a lot of people do have a lot of specific expectations: education, income, appearance, family...

blue cheese to grilled cheese


We went to buffalo wing restaurant for dinner tonight. When the wings were brought to the table, Ehlaina was looking for her blue cheese dressing, but all we got was ranch. Diana volunteered to get some for sister.






Finally, I don't have to carry a diaper bag any more. I'm in need of a nice purse, fashion and roomy that can hold enough necessity for outing with 3 kids. I looked up online and found one in Kohl's website. Original price $69, on sale $31.05. I decided to go to the store and see in person.


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