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My Connection

My ISP does not provide IPv6 routing. I am using Hurricane Electric as an IPv6 tunnel broker. There are other tunnel brokers but Hurricane Electric has the quickest ping times to me. The PoP I am using is in Ashburn, Virginia. Previously I was using SixXS as an IPv6 tunnel broker but their Ashburn POP is down so I switched to Hurricane Electric.

Hurrican Electric provided me with a /48 site prefix (2001:470:e084::/48). This is enough for 65,536 subnets. That should be enough to last me for a long time. I am currently only using one /64 subnets for a bridged network containing wired devices and VPN connections. I tried using a 2nd /64 subnet for the wireless connections but it confused the machines with both the original wireless IPv6 address and the IPv6 address from the VPN so I removed it for now.

Hurricane Electric also has a certification program which lets you test your knowledge and your server configuration. I thought it was entertaining and it let me test some parts of my configuration after moving from SixXS to Hurricane Electric. IPv6 Certification Badge for rmccask


I have no real need for IPv6 currently but since it is the future of networking, I decided to get some experience with it. I like the idea of getting away from the NAT hack.


There is very little available on IPv6. I expected there to be more computers connected to it but the US appears to be very slow in converting to it.