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My wife and I are CAcert assurers capable of giving 35 points each for a total of 70 points. This is enough to put your names into your certificates. We do not charge anything for this service.

The Process

I can be contacted at email address to agree on a time and location to meet. Bring at least one government issued photo id that has your date of birth on it. We prefer a valid US driver's licenses or a valid passport. Check with us if you plan to use another id to see if we will accept it. I will print out and bring forms to be signed. After we have examined your identification, you will sign the forms in front of us. We will scan in the completed forms and email them to you after we enter the assertions into the CAcert web site. You should receive email from CAcert after we have entered the assertions and you can immedately request your certificates through their web site.